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Hello everyone!

I will start with a TL;DR:
I am looking for Full HD(NOT 4k) TV that will be used mainly for gaming. Highest priorities are high refresh rate and low input lag. Around 55 inches, no strict budget. Thanks.

I have never bought a TV in my life and I am more than surprised how difficult might be to pick the right model. I need your help! I am buying a TV for my living room that I will use mainly for gaming, therefore, low input lag has high priority. I will not use the TV to watch TV(lol) and I might watch a movie or a sitcom occasionally. I have 0 interest in 4k resolution and I don't want to pay up for something that I am not intending to use. I read the maximum possible frequency for TVs nowadays is 240Hz and anything higher is achieved by some sort of compensating technology. If that information is correct I am looking for a TV which is either 120Hz or 240Hz. I would prefer if the TV has Game mode. I don't see a reason to have my TV connected to the Internet as long as I have PS3, PS4 and Xbone connected to it, but please correct me if I am wrong. As it comes to size I was thinking about 55 inches, but I can go -/+ 10 inch. I don't have an exact budget either, but I think as far as I am not aiming for the newest and biggest 4k screen whatever you suggest to me it wouldn't be a problem.

I will appreciate if someone is aware of a tool where I can easily search to enormous database of TVs where I can use filters such Full HD, Game mode and etc. I was expecting to easily find something like that, but it seems harder than I thought and mostly each website is pushing me towards some viable 4k options.

Thanks in advance!


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High refresh rate Full HD TVs are no longer made, so you're really at the mercy of whatever comes up second hand.

Flatpanels HD do a set of articles each year for each major brand's line-up (e.g. Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG and Panasonic this year) so should be a decent guide in seperating out the high end from the less high end.

Although if you're only using consoles for it then they typically can't output at over 60hz, so you may be happy with a 60hz TV that handles motion well (BFI, low response time etc.). Unfortunately budget TV reviewers aren't common. Which? have reviewed a selection, but they rate motion handling as poor on all of this year's models.

Otherwise, you'll just have to look at a 4K TV.

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