Full Auto 2... worth £25?


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Why not download the demo and give that a go ?


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A shop is closing down near me and is doing 50% off all new games, of the 4 PS3 games that are left, that seems the most promising.

Personally, I really liked the first one on the 360, and judging by the demo of 2 on PSN, it isn't too bad at all. At 25 sheets, it might just be worth a pop. Not to everyones tastes though, but if you like driving/shooting games...


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I had a look for the demo and saw nothing in PSN! Am I being blind?

Yes check the US store. It was a launch game over there so I have a feeling the demo is on the US PSN store.

I've got the demo still on my hard drive. I play it occasionsally. It's an OK game but nothing special. I would be surprised if you found that many people still playing it online now.

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Its not worth a quid!

I had it, an absolutely terrible game in my opinion! Graphic's dull, gameplay dull, dull, dull, dull, dull. Don't buy it. Please. Don't waste your money.:boring:


i don't think it's quite THAT bad , the graphics are really very good , they scale up to 1080p and look pretty spiffing

what DOES let the game down , in fact , what ruins it , is the shockingly bad handling

you don't so much powerslide as career uncontrollably around corners , smashing into everything and losing the race due to nothing more than poor game design

shame really as it had potential


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Any of you guys played Full Auto on the 360? i quite liked the demo on there, thinking of getting it for PS3

i'll try that setting up a US account


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Wow, you're right, just tried the Full Auto 2 demo for PS3 and it is nowhere near as good as the Full Auto 1 demo for the 360, the frame rate and action is way off, really unpolished.

I dont know if the full game would be that bad but im not going to take the risk


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really? may just be the demo?

or is it one of those cases where the PS3 one runs consistent but slow, and the 360 one runs fast but occasionally slows right down?


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i'd leave it, £25 is not that cheap anyway. I picked up mx vs atv for 17.99 at shopto and conan for 9.99 (now 4.99) at zavvi.

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