Full Auto 2 screen size - Please Help!!!


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I bought Full Auto 2 today for the PS3, and when playing it the top and the bottom of the screen is cut off. For example on the main menu, I can't see the options at the bottom because they have been cut off. The very same problem happens with the Lemmings demo I downloaded.
I have a standard def widescreen Panasonic TV connected to PS3 via RGB cable, with the settings on the PS3 set at 16:9 screen size. There is no option in Full Auto 2 to adjust the screen size.
This problem has not happened with any other games (lots of them) that I have played on my PS3. Please can anyone help me sort this out?
Thanks :)

chaos prime

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Does your TV have any settings? Sounds like the 'Auto Adjust' is set to 'SMART' or something similar. Try turning off 'Auto Adjust' and see what happens.


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