Fujitsu XHA10


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Local retailer is doing an ex-display one of these 50 inch plasmas for £4495. DVD playback seemed excellent and they had it hooked up to a NetGem Freeview box via component and it was the best TV signal I've seen with a plasma. Had a quick look in a few mags who seem to rate it - anyone with any 'real world' opinions/experiences of this panel?? Thanks.
These were going brand new for £3700 a few weeks ago.

The xha30 will be a big improvement and can be hand for just under £5000 brand new.

When paying this much money, you may as well pay a little more for the brand new updated version imho.


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Except that the brand new updated version does not have a DVI input whereas the old version has. I'm sure that the new version is better in other respects but the lack of DVI would have me looking at other manufacturers.

I'm biased because I've got the old XHA10 version, which I'm more than happy with, but with digital sources becoming more and more common it seems a strange decision by Fujitsu. According to other threads the reason is something to do with a DVI input making screens subject to a new tax , but that doesn't seem to have stopped other manufacturers including them.

It's especially confusing because Fujitsu were ahead of the game when the XHA10 came out (early 2003) because not many other brands had the option of DVI, let alone including it as standard.

If you can get the XHA10 for £3700 then I'd heartily recommend it as great value for money. Especially if you plan on using a DVI/HDMI DVD player or a HCPC setup.


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I have a 3 week old p50xha30.
Its connected to the gear in my sig, I will try to answer any questions you have at all!.
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