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Hi, I'm a plasma newbie

Just started looking around at plasma prices and specifications and I notice that some of the Fujitsu plasmas have cooling this perculiar to Fujit or do other manufacturers use fans and if anyone has a plasma display with a fan. just how noisy/quiet are they...

Also a lot of people use the Panasonic plasmas, are these units generally believed to be superior quality than other makes i.e better picture and features or are they simply more readily available??

Thanks for any input



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Some plasma's do not have fan's at all, some like the Pioneer have fans but they only come on in extreme temperature conditions and others like the Fujitsu's have them running most of the time.

How much noise the fans make can depend on the installation as well as the particular model of plasma. There has been much debate on the noise from the Fujitsu fans elsewhere and the concensus seems to be that recent models are not producing enough noise to bother most people.

On your other question, Panasonic screens are generally believed to have the best absolute black levels but some other screens are felt by some to produce better detail in the blacks.

There are other features to take into account such as future-proofing by way of removable interface cards, and the particular connection types that your equipment requires.

Also consider the way you will typically view the plasma; if you will mostly watch in a darkened room then you will probably appreciate the better black levels that the Panasonic will produce, on the other hand if you watch mostly in day-light or with strong room lighting then you may prefer the images produced by the Pioneers.

There are no absolutes in this and you really must try and see the screens to compare for yourself.

You don't say which Fujitsu screens you are looking at, but do be aware that those advertised as having 1024x1024 resolution are interlaced rather than progressive like other plasmas. These interlaced screens are great for displaying a 1080i signal, but are felt by many to be less suitable for displaying progressive NTSC or PAL signals but as ever there are people who will feel differently :)


I don't think there's such a thing as an interlaced plasma display, by their very nature they are progressive devices are they not? Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.. of course the de-interlacing can vary from one model to another



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You are wrong :)

It is only the Fujitsu ALiS glass (1024x1024) that isn't progressive though.

The glass is used by people other than Fujitsu, but just watch out for the 1024x1024 resolution since only the ALiS glass has this resolution.

Full details on ALiS (Alternative LIghting of Surfaces) can be found here on the fujitsu site :

It is a great way to handle 1080i signals because it can do it without any scaling as it just crops a few lines from the top and bottom of the display, not so good if you intend to feed it with a progressive signal though.



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Thank you for the input folks,

I think that the black level would be a real issue with me because I usually watch in a darkened room so the Panasonic would be preffered if this is the case, but it sounds like looking at a few different models from different manufacturers would be wise.

I can see I have a bit of a hill to climb before I decide to make a purchase.

Here's me niavely thinking you just go out and get a plasma, feed it a prog scan from your dvd and away you go


What results would you get feeding a prog scan source to an ALiS fujitsu plasma?? would it simply not accept the signal


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Just on a general point you need to be careful to distinguish between progressive PAL and progressive NTSC since while as far as I know all plasma will handle progressive NTSC some will handle progressive PAL poorly or not at all.

On the specific question, yes the ALiS screens will handle a progressive signal, but the effective resolution is reduced to 1024x512, still good, but not really using the screen to its maximum capabilites. More recent Fujitsu screens seem to have moved away from the ALiS technology, but the models that do use it are still around so it is worth at least being aware of it.


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