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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by ajmalsheikh, Apr 22, 2002.

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    Hi, I`d like to pick your expert brains for a moment.
    On wednesday I`m due to take delivery of my first home cinema system
    It comprises of:

    Fujitsu 4242 plasma
    Sony STR 1070 amp/receiver
    Toshiba SD510e dvd player
    Bose acoustimass 10 series II speakers/sub

    the plasma will have the following inputs:

    1 x S-video
    1 x Composite
    1 x Component (3 x BNC)
    1 x RGB (15 pin 3 row VGA)
    1 x RGB (5 x BNC)

    the dvd will connect via component input (3x BNC) as the toshiba has the same. Now my question is regarding how to best hook the plasma up to my first generation sky digibox.

    I have seen the following solutions from:

    A) Scart rgb > 5 x BNC or 15 pin VGA from


    B) Scart > S-Video or RGB convertor boxes from URL= ] [/URL]

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    Mar 6, 2002
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    You have two current options, and one more soon to be available.

    1. Take the RGB scart out from the digibox to a box that converts RGB to VGA, and connect to your VGA on the plasma. This box can be had from and works well.

    2. Similar box from the same supplier, but converts RGB to s-video then to your plasma.

    My experience on my Daewoo plasma is that the VGA provides sharper pictures but washes out the colour slightly. You may also see some combing effects whcih I think are due to the interlaced PAL signal. The s-video conversion provides more vivid colours but the picture is softer. You may prefer this. No combing effects either.

    Presently I use the digibox RGB scart via TIVO to the RGB-VGA converter then to the plasma.

    The soon to appear option is a RGB to component converter which I think will work best of all. The same supplier should have one available in a couple of weeks. Keene electronics are also working on one.

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