Fujitsu hard drive - where can I get them the cheapest


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I am looking for a 40GB Fujitsu hard drive(model number MHR2040AT) for my Creative Jukebox,and was wondering where I can get them cheap.Dabs have got them for about £109,but I think I can get them cheaper(don't know where though!!).

Anyone with any suggestions/alternative hard drives in the same category?Remember it has to be a 2.5'' drive.


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You'll probably find a whole load of them in a skip near you.
I wouldn't touch Fujitsu with a barge-pole after the recent (and still ongoing) fiasco. Jokers.


Does everyone know about that fiasco?

I know the MoD got hit with it - we've had 300 hdd unit replaced cos of it.

I would also avoid Fujitsu.

However, take a look at Novatech.

They are doing a Seagate Baracuda for £69 inc VAT.

Details Here

Does it have to be the fujitsu for the Creative?


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Thanks for the replies.
No,it doesn't have to be Fujitsu.But the original hard drives were from Fujitsu,and Creative do all their testing on that,so the chances of it not working on a Fujitsu are minimal.I have not yet heard from anyone using it with the jukebox who has complained about it.
I think you guys are treating them too harshly - everyone is capable of mistakes...or maybe I am being more forgiving?

I will check out the Seagate one you suggested.Thanks for the suggestions guys.


Unfortuantely it was a little more than a mistake. to let 30000+ hard drives out through a testing system as good as theirs (if it's anything like the IBM system) is, IMO, a pretty big f*** up. I will admit that the HDDs that were replaced got new Fujitsu drives and there's been no problems with them.

Fujitsu will have lost a lot of "face" over it though.


My PC crashed last week just as we finished our inventory ready for moving. The Fujitsu hard disk (40GB) was knackered.

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