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Jul 1, 2001
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I've been offered an ex-demo 42" Fujitsu plasma with 3 years which was on display for only one year, and then "lost" in the warehouse for the last 2 years.
I don't know the model nor have seen it yet and it costs 2.000 euros with no warranty.
I don't have any experience in Plasma displays, what should I look for (any kind of problems)?
Should I be better of buying a TV with that money?
Anyone knows what model is (3 years old).

no warranty would have alarm bells ringing in my head. If its from a retailer, why aren't they covering you with their own warranty if not the manufacturers?

I would also be dubious about a plasma set being "lost" in the warehouse for 2 years, this sounds highly suspect to me.

I'm no expert on plasmas, but I'm sure others will confirm on here that the plasma technology has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last 3 years.

Also bear in ex-demo plasma screen has probably been permanently switched on during shop opening hours for that full year (or more if they're lying).

At the end of the day, go take a demo of it, see how it looks/condition/picture etc. Proof is in the eyes.

But I would be cautious - at the end of the day demonstration models are generally not well looked after, a 2nd hand unit would be.
Yeah I agree with Smurfin, lots to worry about this "bargain"

1) 3 Years old smurfin says, even if the only 1 year in the store as a demo unit is true, it was probably hammered during that year....which leads me to my next point.

2)2 years lost in a warehouse.....i.e. it hasn't been looked after, it may not be scratched and dented, but it certainly wont have had the best care from dust, temprature stability and humidity.

3) 2000 Euros isn't nearly cheap enough....try £100 :D

4) It's 3 year old Plasma technology! Compare this years Plasma's with last Years and you will see a difference.

In short, if it was very cheap or a give away to you then finee, but otherwise......walk away from this one and put your 2000 Euro's to a better deal!

Just my opionion of course, but you wouldn't see me for dust if someone offered me a deal like that!:D
Thanks for your help.

Here is an extract form my e-mail exchange with the shop:
"It is a 3 year old model, used for demonstrations in the past and that as
been " discovered " in our warehouse a few months ago, after being lost
for some 2 years, since we didn't use it for this long time.
It as a few scratches, and we have the optional wall mount support, for
an extra 250€."
"Regarding the warranty it ends as soon you get out of the shop, that is why
we offer a special price in this unit. It is a 3 year old model, so there is
no way to give a warranty. Aditionaly this unit was supplied to us by the previous Fujitsu importer, and now there is a new one, completely different.".

The big problem is that the store is about 500 km away…

I thought that obviously it's not a state of the art but it would provide a pretty impressive 42" image, better than CRT's, and for the price of a CRT. If it could lasts for a few years, it would be great and maybe then plasma prices should have dropped.

Walk away from that deal.

"The warranty expires as soon as you leave the store"

"Our supplier has changed"

"We lost it for 2 years"

"500km away"

Nuff said yourself a favour, let someone else buy it - I have a feeling if you do buy it, you'll be kicking yourself in no time at all.

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