Fujitso Plasma versus VSM2048

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Barry.NI, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I am considering replacng my 4 series Panasonic plasma with a 50" plasma panel. After studying the threads both here and on the Plasma Forum, I am looking at the
    P50XHA40US - P-TE1010E board as well as the Panasonic, with suitable input boards. The advantage of the latter is that my present wall mount will suit the Panny.

    I am presently running the VSM2048 on analogue output RGBHV through an RGBHV distributor, 1 in 2 out, with one feed to the Plasma and the other to a Barco 7LT. The resolution is PAL 769 NTSC 720. I usually watch SKY on the plasma, and only occasionally the DVDs through the Barco, so it seems sensible to set up the Scaler with a digital output via DVI 1.0 + HDCP. using the new SKY + HD box when available.

    My question is what resolution should I set the Digital output to suit the Fujitso panel? If I kept the present analogue set up, would that preclude using the HD output of the SKY? I am sure the answer to that is YES. I saw in another thread that a Pronto my be able to switch between Digital and Analogue outputs of the VSM 2048, without the need to re-programme each time I changed displays. Finally do I undertandthat the new Fujitso panel will not have the DVI input, only HDMI? Would a DVI-HDMI cable suit the new display, and when is the new Panel expected to hit the shelves? I assume I would still need an S-Video feed not scart, to get the OSD for the AV192R.
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    This is essentially the journey I have just taken. And very happy with a new Fujitsu I am.

    I have the P50XTA40WS which is a tv 40 series panel without HDMI. Found a website describing this as akin to ES versions in EUland. So you do want the US version with HDMI if you have HDCP content to come. We don't here in Hong Kong.... So perhaps my experience is not an exact analogy but close I feel.

    I never considered getting a Pronto at GBP600 (!?!) to send switching signals, instead putting it towards the new panel. From there I go DVI out and in to panel at 1280x720 and delightful that is too. The SIM30H takes the same over the RGB leads. As its 18m to the projector around the walls only now is beginning to be plausible to use the H in that spec feeding it through an HDMI cable. One day.

    Going DVI out removes the ability to fine tune the output resolutions of PAL and NTSC. However the VSM should be more than capable of handling that and I've not yet seen a discernible loss of picture quality or clarity with NTSC 480 scaled to 720p. Admittedly my HD home videos are knockout at that but then again that is another story....

    The Fujitsu processing seems to my eye quite soft where the de-jagging technology is working overtime. Compared to my viewing of the Philip/Panasonic/Samsung/LG equivalent 50in (which are probably not your selection universe in GB!) it was by far the best at removing jaggy edges, though with some minor loss of definition for it. Frankly with terrible analogue tv locally this is perfect! The DVD/576p images look great though I've not had time to do a with PSM and without PSM blind test yet.

    My initial play around sugests as Graham flagged, the ability to take a wide range of signal inputs and display them. That to me with the wide range of sources available here is a top requirement. And straight-in PC is a must for video conferencing granny back home.

    Having had three plasmas up and down in as many months, it seems to take less than 30mins to install given the centre position has already been identified so, I wouldn't worry about making the installation easier. I'd go for a fine picture, punish Panasonic for failure to deliver first time around and pick a Fujitsu winner.


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