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My camera manual says the S7000 will take typeII cf cards and microdrive and xd cards. Can anyone give me some info on where to get type II cf cards, or at least how to recognise if an advert refers to which type, perhaps there's a price difference? All of the searches I have done tell me that the only physical difference is the thickness, the type I being about 2 mm less than the type II. Is there an adaptor anywhere that will allow the type I to fit the type II slot in my camera and card reader? I have asked questions to suppliers, but get nothing useful back from them. I don't want to use microdrive because I have heard they are less robust than solid state, and xd cards are about twice the price of cf for the same capacity.

thanks very much
Compact flash type II compatibility means the thicker slot, but as CF cards all insert 'into the rails' with the female connectors aligned properly, a slimmer CF type I card will work just fine. CF I spec is a subset of CF II functionality.

FWIW my Fuji S-7000 works fine with either a CF II microdrive or CF I 256mb toshiba card (just tested)

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