Fuji S5600

mr jones

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i dont rate the s5500 at all, so dont know what i presume its replacement will be like.

i hope they sort the noise issue out, what with now extending it to iso1600, iso 400 on the s5500 was dreadful, more noisey than a pulled and pushed iso3200 image from the 20D.

i hope they've sorted it out, rather than sticking more features in and hoping it keeps people happy


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Perchance it's on QVC today;


Not sure of the internet prices but the model number just rang a bell when I read your post.

You can always try it & send it back.

And no I don't work for QVC!


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Can someone explain Fuji's thinking please.

I bought the S5000 a few years ago and I've been very happy with it. That was a 3.2 mp and somehow iinterpolated it as 6 mp. To me it looked the equal of a 4 or 4.5

That and the S7000 were very well received (two friends have the S7000)

Now for the last couple of years they have a 'truer' mp setting yet the cameras are not rated as well, why did Fuji change the system when it worked?


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I've been looking at this camera too, but as yet I haven't seen an official review anywhere. Thought it might appear in one of the Digi Camera mags with it being a recent release. I'll have to have a browse through WHSmiths.

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