Fuji P50XHA40US - S-Video vs Component vs DVI


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I am just wondering how fellow Fuji owners have found the relative quality of the various inputs.

The reason I ask is that there is virtually no difference between my Pioneer 505 (US import) over S-Video, and my OPPO over DVI (although the internal processing can be better on the panel sometimes, and better on the OPPO others).

BUT the difference between S-Video and Component on my PS2 is huge, with much brighter, punchier colours and greater clarity and sharpness over the component with no crawl/shimmer.
(I don't know how much of this is down to the quality of the connections in the PS2)

At the moment I have HDMI/DVI/S-Video routed through the walls as I assumed I would be using DVI/HDMI for any new gear but now I am wondering whether I should route a component cable as well (not an easy task) and use that in preference.




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Not a Fuji owner ;(( but I have worked on several. The S-video input is far better than S-video on most other panels. With J S Tech converters the S-video input was the very clear winner (better than component) but that isn't to say that with other sources this would still be true. The only real answer is to try each input with each source and pick the best.
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