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Fuji Finepix f810 webcam problem

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by nuclearw, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. nuclearw


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    I purchased a F810 webcam recently and it works great and takes excellent shots with tonnes of features.. only problem is with the webcam.

    I'm running XP Home Edition SP2. When I plug it in using Web for the USB connection mode, it detects and appears in Device Manager and in "My Computer". When I click "USB Video Device" from MY Computer I can see what the camera is showing, take still images, etc. When I go into MSN Messenger, I can select the camera in the "Audio/Video Tuning Wizard" without problem. However, if I go into "Web Camera Settings" it says that the camera is either in use or being used by another program. This is absolutely not the case. I have no other open windows at all. So if I try to use it as a webcam MSN window displays a message saying that due to technical problems a webcam session cannot be started. So it doesn't say that it can't detect a camera, but that there's some other problem. I check task manager and there are no unusual processes (I'm very familiar with what processes run on my machine at any given time) and no other windows open. Does anyone have any ideas? I have the camera in the dock, mounted on a tripod, with the power slider bar set to OFF, and am using the power button on the dock as the instruction manual says. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Please feel free to email me directly (bwiper-at-hotmail.com).

    Ben Wiper

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