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Hi there, I have a Fuji Finepix F601 which I bought about 6 months ago. Prior to that I had a Fuji MX-700 which was a great little camera. Very robust and great pics. BUT, it was just too slow on the large pic size and on 128mb card, so it was replaced with the F601.

I am in a car club and on weekends when we go out on drives I take most of my pics by sticking my arm out of the car and snapping (its a convertible - you'll see if you follow the links)

The problem I am having is the camera seems to display the sky in a really unnatural colour...?

Some examples are here:


Towards the bottom of the page, namely




It seems to have real problems displaying sky blues. They always look very washed out and green, instead of the correct blue.

The old MX-700 never did this and would reproduce outdoor shots really well.

I am dissapointed in this camera because of this, and wondered if it was a fault with it or just a characteristic or a setting I need to alter?

Thanks in advance



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Okay I don't know your camera at all so I'm just feeling in the dark a little.

However I did notice that in a couple of your shots you listed that you were taking them through your cars windscreen. Is it possible that this is causing the colours to change or does it happen on all shots of the sky?

The weird thing is that you have some shots like this one http://www.eunosroadster.com/mystery_tour/imagepages/image3.html where the sky is perfect. What does the EXIF information say for this shot compared to one of the 'faulty' ones?


It looks to me as though your camera is overcompensating for the large area of bright sky which you have included in each picture, quick way to resolve that is to include less sky, but a better long term solution is to fit a graduated filter over the lens,

don't know your camera so can't be specific to you but I would suggest your looking for something like this:-

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