Fuji FinePix and MP3 Playback



I don't know if this is the correct forum to ask a question about a digital camera that does mp3 playback, but no doubt you will let know if it's wrong.

This is my problem.
Using my computer which is XP Pro I can put music tracks onto the FinePix 50i by syncing with Windows Media Player but when I plug the remote and headphones into camera and press play the display on the remote comes up with Hello and then switches off with See you and never plays the recorded tracks.
When the camera is in the cradle and switched on the computer picks it up as drive G and I can see the tracks I've recorded and they play alright with Windows Media Player.

Does anyone have the 50i and know how to get the camera to play the mp3 tracks.
It know it did work ok originally as I tried all the functions out when I first got it.
It has been back to Fuji a year or so ago for an unrelated problem and I wonder if they may have done something internally that is stopping working on music playback.
Thanks for reading this.
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