Fuji A410 - RED EYE Problem


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I bought my wife the Fuji 410 for Christmas, as it was a more friendly and portable camera than my S602.

However, it seems to suffer greatly from red eye, even with red eye reduction set.

It seems to have the same size flash as my 602, the same megapixels etc.

Can anyone let me know what's happening here, and how I can reduce the problem.

It seems apparent in both natural and tungsten lighting.



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Looking at a photo of the 410, the flash seems to be quite close to the lense. Basically, the closer the flash is to the lense, the more chance of red-eye occuring.

Red-eye is caused by the flash reflecting off of the subject's retina. In situations where you need to use flash, the light is lower so the subject's pupil will be larger. This means that there is more chance of red-eye occuring. To get around this, red-eye reduction functions usually fire a pre-flash with the intention of reducing the subject's pupils and so making the chances of the flash reflecting of the retina, less.

To help solve your problem, you need to either:-

* Locate the flash further away from the lense - does the 410 take an external flash unit?

* Get your subject to look at a light source just before taking the photo.

* Check that the red-eye reduction feature on the camera is actually working - does it fire the flash twice, once to reduce the pupils and secondly to actually take the photo?

If these suggestions do not help then the next best thing is to using a photo editing package to digitally remove red-eye.


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The flash is fixed and an external one can't be added - it's a pocket camera.

It's difficult getting the subject to look at a light before, as he's only 7 months old, and anything's a game at the moment!

The red eye reduction does flash twice, but doesn't help much.

With the ammount of pics my wife takes, it's a pain to reduce red eye on each pic with Photoshop or equiv.


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I have exactly this same problem with my A40 which also has the flash quite close to the lense.

There is very little you can do about it I'm afraid short of going for an external flash or a different cameras.

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