FTTC and modem/router


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atm I'm with DirectSave Telecom on copper and I'd like to go on to FTTC. I'll stay with the same ISP as my old TalkTalk addresses work - smae servers.
DST offer a free modem/router
and there's no information about it. Does anyone know what it is, please.
I'm considering getting my own and looking at
as it's similar to the one that I have for adsl.

I can't get over 35Mbps here and won't be using the wireless facility, so there's no point in getting anything fancy.

Any opinions/advice, please?


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Not really, so the least unreliable, lower power and fewer vulnerabilities in the chipset and firmware.


If wireless isn't an issue then the W9970 is a great choice - its uses a new-ish Broadcom chipset and is rock solid :)


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OK, thanks. I'll go for that - at least I know what it is; the other one is a re-badged something.

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