Question FTP or network access to LG WebOS TV?


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I plug my USB flash drive into the back of my LG TV, and it plays the content perfectly. I'd like to leave the drive in the TV and access it remotely over the network, i.e. add and delete files. (Instead of swapping it between the TV and computer and putting wear and tear on the USB ports).

Is it possible to do this?

The TV is a 49UM7100 with the latest WebOS firmware available to it (05.00.10).


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The path of least resistance is purchase a 1 bay NAS but if for whatever reason you dont want to do that a Raspberry Pi plus openmediavault and the USB drive will do the same job but with a lot more effort required.

The Synology NAS media sever will work with the TV for ff/rw as well, the reason your router couldnt make it work as it doesnt have DLNA compatabiliy profiles, Syno media server does and there are third party ones like serviio with even better support on its app portal.
Like most other makes and model of smart TV's, the LG's do not offer UPnP media file serving...

If you don't want to go down the NAS or Raspberry Pi route (no pun intended) some ISP's offer routers with USB HDD connectivity (my BT Smart Hub 2 does but I've not connected anything to it yet) ;)


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Many thanks for the quick responses and input. I was hoping there may be an unofficial patch to the firmware or something like that, but it seems the LG ecosystem is closed. I will think about the options.

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