FS2 Sub problem


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Anyone out there know what is wrong with my sub. When my denon 3802 is off, the sub hums, and the light is still green. When the amp is off, and no signal is sent to the sub, the light is supposed to go orange, and the sub goes into stand by mode.

Anyone help?


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It sounds as if you have a short somewhere. I had exactly the same problem with my FS2 system. I disconnected everything from my 3802 and the flat panels from the sub and started again.

In addition I also moved the thick cable from the sub to the 3802 away from a couple of mains cables running next to it.

Not sure which one cured it but it was fine after that.


I've just taken out my svideo lead from the back of my amp to move it, and it and the sub started humming!! I plugged it back into my amp and it still hummed until I plugged the svideo back into my plasma. Almost as if it needs the whole circuit to stop it humming?!? Not sure. :confused:

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