fs1 and 6th speaker

i have bought a fs1 extra panel for 6.1 but am not too sure how to wire them up the speaker end will have a connector same as the other speakers but which wires do i join if i do join the wrong wire will it kill anything which output on the amp do i use
thanks in anticipation


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Answers to your questions:

"which wires do i join if i do join the wrong wire will it kill anything" - no that speaker will just be out of phase. Either look at the other wires to see if you can work out +ve and -ve, or use a THX optimiser to get this right by listening to the test tones.

"which output on the amp do i use" - The surround back speaker output.

Major consideration, as you will be connecting this speaker directly to the amp you should avoid sending the low frequencies to it (according to the Mission support guys). As the sub manages the crossovers for the other 5.1 parts (everything below 200Hz and LFE output via sub), you should:

- Set "Left", "Right", "Centre", "Surround Left", "Surround Right" speakers to LARGE
- Set "Surround back" to SMALL
- Set the crossover to 200Hz

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would the mcacc thing on my pio amp sort all that. when you say the surround back channel left or right ????? or doesnt it matter


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Re MCACC, you'll probably find that it correctly identifies the LARGE and SMALL speakers (as defined above), however it will probably set the crossover to 80Hz. You need 200Hz.

Re terminals, you need to look at page 11 of your user manual . +ve goes to the surround back right, -ve to the surround back left.


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