FS/FT : modded xbox


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Xbox forsale with xecuter lite chip(2.1 I think?)

brought it about 6 months ago second hand and my brother chipped it for me.

brought it mainly for films but the dvd drive is not the best and does not read some discs very well, but was fine with the few games I have tried.

comes with 1 cobtroller and memory card and AUF bond game.

looking for £130 plus postage.

but will consider a trade for a decent mobile/divx player/dvds

I am in west midlands if anyone wants to pick up.



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How about an Ericsson T68(upgraded to "i" spec and unlocked) and £50

Does the xbox chip have a switch on it?(so can be used on live)


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not interested in a t68i, but thanx for offer

yes xbox has 3 switches for modchip fitted on front


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