Frvt 100 Hold


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Hi All

(im hoping royold reads this as i would like some advice)

Basically owned one of these for 2 years and had no probs whatso ever

With xmas coming up got one for my dad with an uprated psu went over to his last weekend and as it was his birthday as well let him open it early so he could use for all his xmas programmes

So i set it all up for him and left it all working he was very happy, i was happy hey we were all hapy

well I got a phonecall tonight saying the diplay shows hold all the time hes tried repowering and resetting as advised by technical - with no luck

question is what to do next-

i know someone who actually rapped the top casing with his knuckles and hey presto it rebooted

I dont know what to try and i cant get to him to look as he lives a long way away and isnt that technical over the phone


father alice

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Quite likely to be a loose internal connection on the HDD - easy to occur during transit... - he would need to unscrew the case, and reseat the cables ....or return it for a refund.

Hold is normally easy to solve, but it would require some fiddling - either with opening the box, or flashing firmware via a null modem cable.

You can try rebooting whillst depressing the two right hand buttons, which creates a revert file, meaning it will boot from the flash or hdd whichever it wasn't before (search for "two fingured salute" here or at digispy) - this can work, and can be done "over the phone", but otherwise, it really needs someone to open it up!


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Tried all of the ones that dont involve removing the case

looks like i have another trip

i have hard disk psu so i may even go the whole hog and re route his supply as well

oh well

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