Frustrating CLICKING sound from Onkyo amp.

Dinky Dragon

Novice Member
I have the Onkyo 22HDX 5.1 setup and its great whilst playing my 360...

Then comes my V+HD...

It clicks, all the time. Like every couple of mins whilst staggering the sound at the same time. Its the same clicking noise that you get when changing channels on the amp.

Its even worse on HD content. Its getting me down now as I struggle watching Live content. A couple of times its even staggered the image, clicking over and over screwing with the video signal. Hell I think its even caused a dead pixel! Its only remedied by turning off the receiver.

Ive tried hooking it up via optical and HDMI only. Nothing is working. :(

Someone please help.

Dinky Dragon

Novice Member
I solved this issue by plugging the amp into a Noise Reducing Surge Protector.

I will go out on a limb and say that it was electrical interference spiking in the amp causing it to play up.

Hope this helps people with similar problems. :thumbsup:

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