Frozen II 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Thank you Cas. Not in a position to buy much right now, but this is on the Disk Rental List for sure
despite myself i enjoyed the first one solid 8/10...this one not so much didn't come close to capturing the same magic, too late and the songs grated more than hit home 4-5/10 for me.

Will I Aint

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Not a bad film but my god, what was that 1980's ballad with the cheesy gurning. WTF!


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Must be one of the very few that has never seen the first?


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Does anyone have any issues with the sound? I really have to turn it up to hear it?


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When my daughter sticks on Moana no matter how many times ive seen it i'll always end up watching it again, everything about it is just perfect.. the original Frozen wasnt too bad either but this was just forgettable imo and in the opinion of my 7y.o.


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Better than the first for me-thought it was fantastic. Looks great in 4K as well.


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You know I enjoy your reviews. :) But as a TEFL teacher, things like that really bug me. Daft Americans.
How about their inability to pronounce Anna properly?!!

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