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Frosted glass film advice


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I'm debating on putting frosted glass film on the garage door and window. The glass on the door is probably about half the lenght of the door and the window to the side is about the same size.

Don't really have much in there, but just nice to keep any eyes out nevertheless.

Any advice, on type of film, how to apply, cut to size, leave a gap on the edge or cover all etc.?
are there any which still let good amount of light in, or can see through one way etc.?

thanks in advance


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I will ask the mrs where she got ours from but I cut a paper template first and cut around that. When applying I held the end while my wife used a plastic scraper to get the bubbles out.


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Car window tint film may be worth looking at for the ability to see out while restricting the view in.


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Ordered mine from here
Welcome to The Window Film Company's Online Store

They cut it to size. You make up a washing up liquid and water solution , spray on to glass, peel back the paper from the film and spray on the sticky side of the film too and then stick on window. The washing up liquid water solution allows you to move in place and easily squeeze out bubbles .

I did two glass panels either side of my main door and the front door which had 4 small windows in it really easily.


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How much was the pre cut?

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