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Front speakers: far or near


Standard Member
Forgive me, I am brand new to this and have searched everywhere but cannot find the answer I need.

I haven't even purchased my system yet. But should be a 42" TV with 5.1 surround sound. Probable speakers are wall mounted QAccoustics 2000 from a Denon AVR1910.

The room is 4.5m x 3m. The plan is to place the TV mid way along the long wall with the main viewing seat on the opposite wall, giving a distance of c. 2.5m from TV to viewer.

My understanding is that the front speakers should therefore be placed c. 2.5m apart. My problem is that this lands one of the speakers in a doorway and my question is whether it would be better to reduce the distance between the speakers to about 1.8m (taking me to one side of the door) about 10cms from the side of the TV or extending the distance between them to 3.6m (so the speaker can be placed on the other side of the door) about 1.3m from the side of the TV. Quick bit of trig shows the shorter distance gives an angle between the speakers of 40 degrees from the viewer versus 70 degrees for the wider spread.

Reason for the dilemma without trying the system is I have a plasterer coming Saturday to skim the walls and I want to have chased in the speaker cables by then.

Sorry for being so verbose and many thanks for any assistance.


Distinguished Member
In the 70's the standard recommendation for stereo speakers was 4M apart, if possible and sit smack in the middle of the triangle.

Whilst I can understand the nearfield concept, it makes sense to space them further apart to me.

But that said, I don't think it's a big deal if speakers are not equally spaced from the listening position these days.
The difference being that you never had the option to delay timings then.

Correct angling of the speakers, coupled with correct delay and balance settings is more important to me.

The point is you should be able to find a good solution whatever you decide, as long as the speakers are swivelable imo.

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