front projector v's RPTV


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I have recently placed an order for the Sony KP44PS2 RPTV.

But the supplier cannpt deliver the TV now and I was considering upgrading to a front projector like the Panasonic PTAE100E.

I have not seen this projector, someone told me the image from a front projector is superior to a RPTV.

I wondered how true this actually was.

Also wondering what size image I could achieve in a 20-25ft room.



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With a projector of this type a 7ft wide 16:9 screen would be the biggest size achievable, without washing out colours too much.

Not sure what the throw ratio for this PJ is.


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i was thinking about going the rptv route,but the screen burn and viewing angle issues put me off.
i have a small room 12 by 12 feet and have now brought a sanyo z1 and am thrilled with it!at a distance of 10 feet i get a screen 72" by 40"!:D and the colours seem better than on the rear pro sets i have seen.
i can't really comment on this vs. other pj's as i could'nt get demos of any others at the same price but i doubt you would be disappointed!
get a demo now!(if you can?!)

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