Front left and right channels issue on Onkyo NR575E


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Hi there,

I hope this is the correct forum for this.

I'm running an Onkyo NR575E with 5.1 speakers. Like the title says, both front channels have stopped working entirely. When i run the initial setup, i get a speaker error on Front L and Front R. No sound is heard at all. Idem dito when i try to adjust the speaker levels. All other channels are working fine. I've had this problem for a while now. On a few occasions, the problem disappeared for a few weeks, and then came back. But i'm afraid my luck has run out.

Everything i have tried so far:

  • Switch the center speaker with the FR or FL output. Since i can hear sound from the speakers when i connect them to the center output, i think can conclude my speakers are fine.

  • Reset (CBL/SAT + POWER) and disconnected the receiver numerous times.

  • Upgraded the firmware to latest version, downgraded to a previous version, and back to the latest update.

  • Connected a headphone, no sound at all.

  • Inspected the boards closely. Found no burnmarks, swollen or otherwise damaged components.

  • Checked two fuses on the board with a multimeter, they seem fine.

  • Sent an email to Onkyo, no response. I will try calling them, but unfortunately the receiver is not under warranty anymore (just over 3 years old now).

  • Tried carefully heating up the DSP chip with a blowdryer, this did not work.

I was also one of the unlucky customers of an NR-414. Like many others, this one stopped outputting sound due to one of the chips overheating, and this fell under the warranty program. I got the 575E as a replacement from Onkyo, i'm very dissapointed this one also died so early, after very mild use.

Maybe someone tech-savy could help me in the right direction. I was hoping the problem would be in one of the capacitors, which i might be able to replace myself. But since the components seem to be undamaged, i think this would be pointless. Thanks in advance for your help!


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You need to check path: DSP->DAC->ASP->(possible OP AMPs - audio buffers)->AMP Board->L/R speaker relay.
1. AMP Board->L/R speaker relay can be checked by connecting positive end of the speaker cable, to the middle pin on the 0.22Ohm 5W resistor (see photo below)
2. DSP->DAC->ASP you'll need oscilloscope here. Since other channels work fine, perhaps digital signal from DSP, called something like ADSP1_SD0 is missing. This data line actually carry bit stream for L/R channel over one single trace, and flows through some 22 or 47 Ohm resistors. Perhaps you have a dry joint somewhere? Again, oscilloscope is a required to properly diagnose i2s communication.


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