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front height on onkyo 607?


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i am going to purchase the tx-sr607 amp this week as i feel it is adaquate for my needs and fits nicely into my budget, also have the 507 bluray player to match.
My question is when i set it up do i wire up my speakers which are bi-wireable (mordaunt short avant 914i) so that the woofer uses the front channels and the tweeter uses the front height channel? i am confused by the addition of this height channel stuff? i am upgrading from an old panasonic 5.1 amp and the 607 is my final (yeah right) purchase!!!



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I believe with the Onkyo the HF (tweeter) connection goes to the front L/R connection on the amp and the LF (woofer) goes to the rear surround output. The manual will confirm this but I am sure this is how I had to set my brothers one up. (believe the rear surround outputs can be as rears for 7.1, as front height for Prologic IIz or to biwire the fronts, just need ot tell the amp which they will be used for).

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