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For some while I am looking into building a new home theater (either 5.1 or 7.1). It will be powered by either a Marantz SR 6011 or SR 7011. Before being able to continue to decide on which surround speakers I will go for I need to figure out which floorstand speakers I will choose and in that regard I am turning to you all for some feedback. I already narrowed it down to:

* KEF Q700C
* Klipsch R-28F
* ELAC FS-78
* Polk Audio RTi A7

How do they compare to each other, how would they do with movies (science fiction, action, adventure) and music (EDM, Instrumental Jazz, Vocal Pop, Ambient).

I will demo them of course but since I do not have a local dealer around me who sells all these brands, I do not have the luxury to compare them all to each other in the same room and setup. So this info that you might offer here might make it more easy for me to decide which one to demo and which one not.


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You need to consider the whole 5.1 package and not concentrate on just the front floor standers.

I would say you should be considering the Monitor Audio Bronze 5 AV package, as these can often be picked up for a good price when included with a receiver. I would also suggest you consider a Yamaha RX-A1060 or 2060 (maybe the new 1070 or 2070) over the Marantz as they run cooler and are generally more reliable. Many members on this forum have such a package and are very satisfied with the overall sound. This may be partly due to the flexibility of the Monitor Audio rear surround speakers allowing optimisation for many room layouts.

Remember speaker sound integration, including the sub even with floor standards, is critical to your overall experience.


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I understand where you are coming from but I do am considering the whole 5.1 or 7.1 package. I just narrowed the list of speakers down to those by reviews and aesthetics and price (the RTi A7 by far the most gorgeous of them all in that price range imo).
Its not easy for me at all to just demo all of them (polk audio is nearly non-existent here in Europe and only through import or special order obtainable). That is why I need to find out how exactly they compare to each other and then just demo the one that might line up with what I look for in sound. All the reviews separately aren't helpful in getting an idea how they line up against each other but once I find one I like to hear I will of course stick to that lines surround package as they always maintain the same sound signature over mids and highs through an entire series.

No denying Yamaha is very popular but I wasn't lucky with them in the past so I changed. Also, the RX-A2060, though impressive, is on par in price as sound signature with the SR 7011 with the latter a tad bit more warm. It comes down to preference but due to problems with their support in the past I decide against any Yamaha product again. Besides, in silver it looks much bettter compared to Yamaha black display which covers a vast area of the front :)

Hope you can see my point of view :)

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