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I live in a victorian mid terrace - so my rooms aren't too big (11' sq) and the walls aren't too thick. I'm looking for some external speakers for my LCD TV and would appreciate any advice. I obviously don't need 1000s of watts output, and actually, a clear sound at low volumes is more important. The size & shape of room doesn't really lend itself to a 5.1 set up so I was thinking of only fronts, and possibly a centre speaker.

Any suggestions for a couple of 100 quid max? Looking for floor-standers or at least speakers on floor stands. Would a centre speaker make much difference? Should I be looking for 3-way speakers if I don't have a separate woofer?


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In that size room floorstanders would be a bad idea as they will have no room to breath and could boom or dominate the sound witt to much bass. Try mission M71i

Superb speakers with a few previous owners on this forum.
Center: mission m7c1
Better one M7c2 scroll down page

See if you can get a pair of acatama se24's second hand and your away :D

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