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I am upgrading my 5.1 to 6.1. What I would like to do is use my existing front centre speaker as my rear centre speaker.

I would then be able to buy a new front centre which would match my two new main speakers.

I am assuming that the front centre is more important than the rear centre.

Does anybody know if I can do this?

Thanx in advance. :thumbsup:


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Yea it should be ok, but as with the fronts, it would be prefereable if all the backs were from a similar sound, same company and perferably range. Although as the rears get used so little in comparision to the allways on nature of centre and fronts you will probably be ok.


The two rear surround speakers are Kef Coda 7SE, while the former front-centre that will be on the rear of our new set-up as the 6th channel is a Celestion Impact C1.

Although not from the same company, they should work reasonably well together.

Thanks for the useful info.


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if the film is a DTS 6.1 you will probably find the rear centre channel is used quite a bit, most films in true 6.1 tend to be action orientated so its more noticable, i actually found i prefer splitting it over two speakers, but your amp needs to be 7.1 for that not just 6.1......altho i guess you could try wiring two speakers up if your amp can cope with the (dont do this unless you know it can....heh otherwise you could lose your amp)

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