From VMC to Media portal - Easy?


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I've just build a HTPC running VMC - (Vista Ultimate) - Everything seems to be working fine.

Though I've seen what Media Portal can do, and on the face of it, it look better - especially the plugins.

SO my question is: Can I easily run the two side by side? I want to be able to use VMC (as it works) and play around with Media Portal until I'm happy with it and then stop using VMC.

Is this feasible? Or am I asking for trouble?


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Mediaportal will run happily alongside VMC, the only hassle you may run in to is if you set both of them to auto run on windows startup.

Otherwise you should have no issues at all running the 2 on the same machine.


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I am running both and no issues check pictures here



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If you haven't already check out media browser that works inside VMC, personaly I think it looks a lot better than media broswer and a little less buggy. However i ran MP alongside VMC for a year. Good luck it's addicative in a really strange way!

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