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I'm trying to get all my old tapes converted into video CD's
using my PC and Mediastorm Neo Software ( alternatively
B Recorder) .
PC Specs Athlon 3000
512 mb RAM
120 gb sata hdd
Im just using a prety simple Dazzle Camcorder Conversion device
at the moment.

My problem is that i'm not overly impressed with the picture quality on the final VCD's.
Question is has anybody got experience with Pinacle Movie Box USB and should I expect a noticeable (meaning BIG )
quality jump if i use this hardware device for capturing?
(or any other good option if you know one)



Originally posted by runningback
Im just using a prety simple Dazzle Camcorder Conversion device at the moment.

Is this just the little box with three leads for analogue in and one USB lead out - - I've never found them to give very good quality and there are much better ways of capturing analogue video - cheapest and best - have you got a digital camera with AV-in as well as AV out and DV - in/out if so use that to convert your analogue to digital and capture via firewire.

Failing that have a read here :-



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Thank you,i've read the article,

Yes it is exactly the little box with the three cables.....

So apparently that's where my problem is.
I don't have the forementioned connection possibilities to a digital camera......

Still leaves one question for me open, does anybody know if the
Pinnacle movie box USB is a good option?



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