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From the Forums: DIY Home Cinema - A Ten Year Journey


Distinguished Member
Great work Jazz!

Its a bit like a diary of 'the life and times of an AV addict' :)

Thats what happens when you join AVForums. You come here looking advise on how to get the sound working from your Argos soundbar that you just bought and then a couple of years later, you have a full blown home cinema with projector, subwoofers and all sorts of other cool stuff :D


Distinguished Member
I remember that original post! That decor is unforgettable... :D

Really like what you have done, nice and neat :thumbsup:


Standard Member
Could do with whipping out that silly plank of wood posing as a shelf and putting that big chunk of wood back that was there originally!


Distinguished Member
Why do people have a "home cinema" with a fireplace under the screen. I've never been in a cinema like that.


Active Member
Why do people have a "home cinema" with a fireplace under the screen. I've never been in a cinema like that.


I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that your joke hasn't come across very well.

Personally, I think it looks great for a home cinema. Doesn't take over the room.

Swmbo would prefer this more than what I have planned for our lounge!


Well-known Member
When I first seen Jazz's fitting of a 100+ scope screen in his living room, while keeping his room in lovely condition, I was very interested...
In fact I would say Jazz's insight was a big factor in giving me the idea to try such a size display in a living room. (except my room is a little smaller afaict)
He has always done a lovely neat Job, carefully upgrading with top gear, while being very informative & helpful. Gent, deserves his excellent set-up.

As for putting the screen over the fireplace, imo with modern heating systems in homes today, fireplaces are mostly for show nowadays & it's probably the optimum placement in the room taking in other factors like ceiling joist direction, cable management seating placement etc. I keep my TV over my fireplace as it has a stove effect fire that only looks like it's actually a fire. Its about 5.75 ft to the top of my screen.

The novelty effect that comes with buying new components brings out my inner child, I must admit.:devil::love:.

grims dale

Well-known Member
very nice sony hw40 xtz cinema speakers :thumbsup:


Active Member
Great job through the years ... realy a home living room - cinema ...

... from era of Bose 12 I liked only the remote ;)


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just out of curiosity, does a fireplace below a TV unit / projector impact the electronics anyway? heat effects? My new home will have a log burner (enclosed), and am considering buying a large tv / project to go above this, but obviously concerned by potential heat doing damage?


Well-known Member
So long as your fire is properly recessed then you'll be fine. Even when my log burner is chucking out serious heat is doesn't get very hot by the TV, No more than the heat the tv itself generates anyway.


Active Member
This looks incredible. The missus has decided that for my cinema room she wants it to be grey / purple. I think you've nailed it. What colour is that??

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