From Sony VPL1ht to Sim30H first impressions!!

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Hi. After a few month's of total sacrifice of reading everthing on various AV forum's, I changed from a Sony VPL11HT to the SIM30H.

The choices i came down to where the Infocus 5700, Sony HS50 and the Optoma HS77 , Had disregarded the Sony HS50 and the Optoma HS77, After lot's of reading as many post's as possible on many forum's, regarding screen door, picture noise and other problem's.

Had a look at the Infocus 5700, thought it had a fantastic picture considering the low resoloution panel's, Took along some of my own DVD's for a second viewing and noticed lot of problem's i didnt see before, There was a loud whining noise coming from the colour wheel which i read afterward's that it was a commom problem in the U.S with Infocus projectors, My wife also noticed the rainbow's(blue eyes :devil: ) Anyway, although it is at a good price, I dont think these projector's are built very well.

Asked for a demo of the Sim, which i have known for many year's are exellent projectors, just never thought i would consider one due to there long throw, so just thought i would get a demo anyway, We left our local Sevenoak's with the Sim30H, M y wife and i lleft the shop gobsmacked with the picture.

We have had the Sony VPL11HT for a few year's, which we thought was superb, It has high resoloution panel's and produces a great picture for an LCD. I have the projector ceiling mounted after a few alterations to our living room, we had to accomodate the long throw projector to fill an 8 foot screen.The picture is stunning, slightly strong on the red but i have never seen red like this before, Sony's red is total orange compared with this baby. Blow's the Sony away by mile's, You feel as if you are looking out of a crystal clear window polished with Mr Muscle :smashin: , havent even wired the HDMI input up yet either, Anyone considering any of the above projector's have got to try and view the Sim 30H, Total Cinema Nirvana, with no rainbow's in sight!! :thumbsup:

Shall try and post some picture's when i get some free time :hiya:


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I owned a VW11HT aswell up until about 8 months ago, and apart from the fantastic resolution it was showing its age with its colour performance and contrast.

I've sinced upgraded to HS50, and it is clear the market is very different now.
The HS50 is so much better in the colour and contrast stakes.
The SIM2 must be even better.

A friend of mine has a SIM2 HT200 (i think), and despite being an older model with lower resolution, it was that that convinced me the VW11 had to go.
I'm sure you'll continue to be thrilled with your new projector for a long time. :)

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