From small Dedicated Room --> to larger Living Room Home Cinema = 😍


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Earlier this year I had some spare time and decided to move my home cinema from a separate smaller room to my larger living room.

Since I live alone with my kids in our house I could do what the F****K I want.... so I did.

A note here: I could not even put up a painting on the wall and I dont have a lot of money to hire someone to help me. For me it was a lot of youtubeing and reading and just accepting that I might do some wrong things and mistakes. And let it take time.



Epson 9400

Euroscreen 104" Grey High Contrast ReAct Fixed Screen

Dune HD Pro 4K
Panasonic Blu-Ray Player
Xbox One X
Nintendo Switch

Denon AVR-2311

Front: Bowers & Wilkins CDM7 SE
Centre: Bowers & Wilkins CDMC SE
Rear: Bowers & Wilkins CDM1 SE
Sub: Paradigm PS-1200



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Really good :smashin:
YouTube does help regarding videos to show how to do certain bits n bobs.
One little electronic gadget I managed to get hold of secondhand was a laser level, fantastic thing that comes in extremely handy for diy project's.
Looks like its getting cold over there in Sweden ?
Keep up the good work (on a budget) as its inspirational to myself and others.


Really nice!! The new call of duty game do have crazy good audio indeed. What is the name of the grey color you painted your wall with? ( Har planer pΓ₯ att mΓ₯la min kommande bio i en liknande nyans ;) )

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