From Sky to Freesat and tried to sell blue card


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Having been with sky since its start, its time to get decent free tv, fed up with all the shopping channels and repeats on sky.
So, I thought I would sell one of my sky cards. i bought it from sky to use in an old digibox as free to air, but never used it. So, I thought I would sell it. Ebay sellers have been selling these for years, mine was up for less than a day ( even had one bid!) and it was withdrawn by ebay, saying they had been contacted by sky to remove it.
But, theres plenty more for sale on ebay, looks like it was just mine that was taken off.
Is it illegal to sell a card? Am I infringing anything? Any body any ideas as to why only mine was removed?


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This is in the wrong section
Did you actually read the card which says quite clearly
"This card is the property of Sky Subscriber Services Ltd. and must be returned upon request"

The card is simply not yours to sell
You purchased the right to use the card but not to own it


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Yes, that would be good if it was true! I have 2 full package cards ( Multiroom) and a free to air card. All of them will work in any digibox. Also strange that I bought one of these cards off ebay a while ago, and it worked fine. I even sold it on and as far as I know, it is still working!
Fernandez, no, I didnt read the card and I get your point about not being able to sell it. i just wondered how all the others get away with it.

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