from rx-v2065 to onkyo 709


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I have a Yamaha 2065 I am gonna get rid off, I am interested in the onkyo 709. I am 50-50 movies/music. I have Mission M35 series speakers + a MA RSW12 sub, will the speakers do justice to the amp.....


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What are your reasons for the change? The Yamaha is still the better amp and the Onkyo if more equivalent to a RXV1067 than the RXV2065. You're not really gaining anything in terms of Audio capabilities and the only real advantage will be the Onkyo's 1.4 HDMI interface. The 709 is placed several amps down from where the RXV2065 was placed.

If looking for a better amp with a bargain price tag then look at the Yamaha RXV3067. You can get this ex demo for £700 or new and boxed for £750 if you don't mind the titanium finish:
Sevenoaks Sound and Vision

Mission speakers pair well with Yamaha amps. For better speakers, consider Monitor Audio RX, KEF Q series or B&W 600 series.
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going the 3D as I will be getting a 3D tv as xmas pressie..I will have a look at the 3067 and try to demo. I fancied a change to see what Onkyo's about. I have had Pioneers and Yamaha down the years.. I was thinking I might stretch it to the 809 as well


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The 3067 is discontinued which is why it is so cheap and there are not many left so if you want one you are going to need to act fairly quickly. Also you could keep your current reciever if you bought a 3D bluray player with 2 HDMI outputs. They are a little more money but cheaper than replacing your receiver.

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