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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 19th October 2008
Quintessential Bond, From Russia With Love is remarkably assured. It tells a proper story and doesn’t just link together a series of stunts and set-pieces. Connery is smoother in the role than in his debut, though he would truly take his characterisation to its natural and culture-establishing zenith in his next entry, Goldfinger. Classic scenes aplenty, but that violent free-for-all aboard the Orient Express tops the lot. John Barry takes the stage with his lushly dynamic wall of sound and some truly memorable characters flit or bludgeon their way into Bond’s dangerously attractive world.</p>Making it on to Blu-ray, Bond also looks and sounds better than ever. The great array of extras may still come stocked in that apt, but really rather naff Mission Dossier style, but there is much to savour here. Fleming gets his very proper say and the production is thoroughly stripped-down for us.

Blu-ray Bond – 007th heaven.
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Excellent review,this is an essential purchase,as are the rest of the earlier Bond's.


FRWL is my favourite Connery Bond film beating Goldfinger in to second place. Where Goldfinger had the gloss this had the grit.
This probably more than any other Bond could have happened apart from a super powered SPECTRE it near enough feasible. Is this a film where Bond is on the side of the bad guys? Hes actually stealing something from a foreign power that has ever right to have the piece of equipment, which is the flip side of For Your Eyes Only. Its good the use the chess analogy for ¾ of the film Bond is a pawn of SPECTRE.
As the reviewer says Robert Shaw is probably one of Bonds deadliest foes who nearly out wits Bond at every turn and not for the trick would have killed Bond. In the book a huge amount of it is about Red Grant and not Bond. Wonder how how the francise would have turned out with Shaw as Bond?

And this is the film for me that John Barry score came to the fore (although would have full control over the music in Goldfinger) and lots of little bit would be used in later films, there some great pieces in it the gypsy fight scene that uses the 007 theme (not the well known on i.e. James Bond theme originally in Dr No). And I like the sinister music used for the drop in the cathedral.
And not forgetting the end title song sung by Matt Munro by Lionel Bart

I did see some screen shots comparing the different versions and one scene I though were not quite right compared with the Ultimate version. It's the scene with Tatiana Romanova in bed in the ultimate version he skin is a normal flesh colour but on the Blu-Ray it look near enough a proper pink.

Which brings me to the point, for the female lead I think Daniela Bianchi (ex Miss world runner up would have like to see who won) although playing a very submissive role just pips the top slot as being the most beautiful if the main female leads (always thought some of the second string females were better).

Have to speak up for Timothy Dalton here although not looking the working class hero of Connery or Craig he was pushing to get back to the more gritty Bond after what had almost become slapstick and there are many of us that have read the books belive that his version of Bond is the nearest to Flemings.
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Should have my Bond bluray boxset in the next few days - shipped from Amazon today - I'm so excited! Can't wait! :D


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Somebody can confirm that there's hidden languages in the James Bond BD's??, if so, somebody know if there's a Spanish(Castillian) language track? :lease:

Somebody can confirm that there's hidden languages in the James Bond BD's??, if so, somebody know if there's a Spanish(Castillian) language track? :lease:


What region Blu-ray are you using? I can confirm that there is a Spanish (mono) track on the US version of Live & Let Die and Dr. No - but they won't play in a UK machine as they are region locked.


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I'm from Spain, so i'm using the Region B, the problem with the US James Bond Blu-Ray's is that there's almost always a latin-spanish and not castillian (The spanish of spain...

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