From projector to TV :-( Is it even worth keeping my surround sound?

I've been a member here since the very early days but this is my first post in an age and I'm a bit out of touch with things so I'm interested to know your take on it all

The background is this:
I currently have a Benq w1070 PJ with 9 foot pull down screen, Panny DMP BDT500 Blu-ray player, Yam RX-V667 7.2 HD audio receiver, Kef PSW2500 sub with Kef 2001eggs + Kef 5001 centre in 6.1 config lounge set up used for films only. We also have an oldish 36" Plasma TV for general TV duties which is being donated to my daughter who is flying the nest this week

We are currently redecorating the lounge and since we need a new TV my wife wants a bigger TV circa 55" and wants to get rid of the PJ and speakers as she has never liked them anyway. I have always felt that a bigger screen needs a bigger sound but a smaller screen only needs a smaller sound and if the 2 are not well balanced it seems at odds

I can't be bothered any more to fight for the PJ to go back up although I had developed a quick take down system for it in practice I never took it down and probably wouldn't in the future and my wife thinks it's an eye sore

So there it is, what to do, TV on its own? TV and sound bar? TV with current surround reinstalled (at the cost of some brownie points all be it with front 3 speakers taken off wall and relocated around TV)?

I should add that the lounge is not the best layout so the TV will sit square to wall but off centre on an low level oak AV unit with door to one side. There's no option for building the TV into a dedicated false wall or such

Any ideas or thoughts much appreciated, either general views on home cinema or more specific to my situation



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I have a 5.1 Sonos system made up of

1 x Playbar
2 x Play One-Alexa enabled but you save £20 ish and buy non Alexa version
1 x Sonos Sub

Advantage of the above (IMO) is that they are indiscreet, do not need speakers wires, an AVR to power them and the sound is a huge improvement over a TV

Disadvantage is they won’t quite match a fully fledged 5.1 (although I guess you are not overtly bothered) and cost (the above is probably the same cost as a reasonable AVR, 5 speakers and a sub

IMO a soundbar is such a massive improvement over TV speakers that (if someone can afford it) then it is worth every penny.

Based on what you have written, if I were a salesman I would suggest the purchase of a soundbar only and see what you think of that before even thinking of surrounds and a sub

hope this helps
Thanks MSW, I wonder if a sound bar and maybe a small ish sub would be a way forward

Can I get a dumb soundbar as in its a processor with direct sub output but without Alexa/wireless capability?


How about some on the wall speakers like the KEF T Series. Sitting flush to the wall they are very wife friendly. A soundbar is not going to be anywhere near as good or immersive as a speaker system.



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I feel your pain, we went from a house with the perfect wall at the perfect distance for a projector, start playing a film and lights would dim and it all worked, looked and sounded perfect. To a house with quite an awkward room not suitable for a projector or decent positioning of speakers. When I watch a film (even with the new 65inch LG C9) I still get a sense of "meh, what's the point" as my eyes glaze over as I longingly reminisce about previous movie watching experiences from yonder years. Sigh.
This is the thing, black out blinds down, screen down, lights out and it just worked (so long as you don't want to go into the kitchen to make a cuppa!), even my very modest set up by comparison to some here, left my grinning.
I don't think the reality has set in that its not going back up to be honest
I think 55" TV is the biggest I can go given the location
I have thought seriously about the idea of a garden room but the costs involved exceed my levels of dedication

I think the only positive I can draw is that with a smaller screen I can work back through my extensive DVD catalogue as I only played Blu-ray on the PJ because the quality difference was night and day when going to 9 foot image

I think if there is a sensible sound bar/sub combo that would just lift the sound beyond the TV's own speakers that may be the limit of where I want to take it (any recommends?)

I have joked with my daughter as to where the screen and PJ will be placed in her now vacant bedroom but maybe a bit too soon perhaps ha;)
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