From Hell Blu-ray Review

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      Reviewed by Brian Day
      As a standalone movie, From Hell isn’t half bad. If you are a major fan of the graphic novel, then you may well be disappointed with this offering as a lot had to be left out. The story still ticks along very nicely though and with Johnny Depps name above the title, how could it fail…?
      Well fail it did. With a gross worldwide taking of just $35 million, From Hell seems to have found a bit of a cult following on DVD and now on Blu-ray disc as well – but is that DVD worth updating to this shiny High Definition version…?

      The picture quality is a step up from the SD version – albeit a small one. The sound quality, presented in DTS 5.1 HD Master is real demo material – not for the dynamics, but to show of the sound engineer plying his trade. So two plusses above the DVD so far…where this set fails miserably though is on the extras front. Ok, we get a pretty clever and informative trivia track. But missing is everything from disc two of the DVD – the documentaries, the interactive investigation, the tour of the actual murder sites and more. To me, what we have here is a slightly polished version of the single disc SD DVD. I’m sorry Fox, if you really want to capture the High Definition audience you so crave, why not give all those featurettes a Hi Def polishing and include them here?

      I find it hard to recommend this disc as an upgrade to those of you that may own the two disc special edition DVD. I gave my two disc edition away when this disc came for review – but I managed to sneak disc two out before I did – I can only suggest you do the same.

      Before I go, one more little moan at Fox from me and then I’ll leave it – there’s a directors cut of this movie coming soon to SD DVD – complete with all the goody extras. Why oh why did you not put THAT version on this Blu-ray disc? Wonders cease to amaze me…
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