From Dusk to Dawn Redux - I wish!


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I recently watched this film again and while I enjoyed it (and always have) I can't help thinking that Robert Rodriguez really screwed up a potentially great film halfway through when everyone in the Titty Twister turns into vampires! (Whoops, forgot to add in *SPOILER*, but I am sure everyone has seen it already) :D

Anyway, we have a really good cast with great chemstry between Kietel and Clooney, Tarantino acting his socks off IMO playing a seriously wacked-out killer with loads of potential for him to get even crazier! The kids are going through an emotional crisis with puberty and their dead mother, the Reverand has a problem with God and the Mexican drug dealer played by Cheech Marin (I forget the characters name) is gonna turn up's all there: tension, fear, guns, strippers!

Then the vampires "appear" and everything goes rapidly downhill. :( What a waste!

I realise that everyone acting in the film is about a decade older now, but I would love to see the second-half of the film remade or "reduxed" into something that wasn't quite so ridiculous. :rolleyes:

Do you agree?

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Salma Haiyek..... Mmmmmmmm! :smashin:

IMHO the best thing in the whole film was that dance scene.


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I think you're paying Rodriguez the ultimate complement.

The movie always set out to be a horror, but RR wanted to build the characters up so that you empathised with them when the s hit the fan.

Most horrors just jump right in there and you aren't bothered when they get decapitated.


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leave it be,its a class film in my opinion.:devil:

Ed Selley

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Originally posted by eviljohn2
What more could anyone ask for? :confused:



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Originally posted by dfield2000
...but it's a vampire film. If you took out all the vampires, then what would you be left with ?

Actually it's a good KIDNAP film, right up until the part where the *$%£ in vampires start eating people. :rolleyes:

Now don't get me wrong, I like good vampire films, such as Blade, where they work because vampires are the central theme in the film. Without them you've got, in Blade's case anyway, a kung-fu movie with some bad acting.

Dusk 'til Dawn is different, or could have been. The first half deals with some interesting characters with some weird behavioural traits, some fear and suspense, none of which NEEDS to lead to vampirism.

For example, they could have had a normal fight in the bar, with humans (shock-horror!!!.....what, nobber22, are you mad??:confused: No mythical beasts feasting on helpless innocents!! Impossible! :rolleyes: ) and then taken the story on from there:

Perhaps one of the kids could have been killed in a realistic manner or Tarantino could have raped and killed someone else, Clooney could have beaten his brother up, whatever, then he might try to settle in Mexico with Juliette Lewis as his bitch, etc - I'm no script-writer (obviously?), but I reckon I could come up with a more real, gritty, intelligent second-half to a film than the tosh in the Titty Twister.

I agree with all of you who say that the film is a hoot and fun to watch, but it is NOT a great vampire movie. It is instead a wasted oppertunity , in my honest opinion, of course. :)


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It was definitely marketed as a vampire film, and not as 'kidnap' film as you say.

One of the tag lines was 'One night is all that stands between them and freedom. But it's going to be a hell of a night'. Like Dred has said above, the first half of the film develops the characters before they all get hacked up by the vampires.

Cutting out the second half to develop the first half is looking at it arse backwards.


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Originally posted by Ian J
How about completely naked women.

Damnit Ian - I was just gonna say that! :mad:


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How about completely naked women calling my name and asking me to join them?

Audience participation :censored:


Originally posted by CooperUK
How about completely naked women calling my name and asking me to join them?

Audience participation :censored:



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Originally posted by eviljohn2
Things are invariably better when naked women and monkeys are involved

How about Helena Bonham Carter in Planet of the apes with no clothes on :smashin: :rotfl:


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It was supposed to be a return to cheesy saturday night drive in b-movies, but as has been said, one which spent more time deveoloping charachters so that you cared about them. Not a straight kidnap or Vampire film. Personally I think it acheived it perfectly and is one of my favourite films. I love the fact that it is like two films in one.

Oh and if your going to blame someone blame tarrantino, he wrote it and RR directed it as he imagined tarrantino would, trying to use some of the techniques associated with Quentin :)

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