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From Dusk Till Dawn (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: Zavvi

Release date: 28/10/2013

Status: OOS/OOP

* Limited to 4,000 copies *



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Gooble Gobble

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I can't see it being as nice as the French release, adore the French steelbook artwork.

Doctor Hades

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The BD I have suffers from really overblown colours (faces literally look orange!) so I wouldn't double-dip on this unless it is a remaster which it almost certainly won't be. I recall the original release got slated for the transfer so I would recommend caution when buying this unless you're only buying the steelbook for your collection and not planning on watching it (which would be weird but whatever).


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If this does not get some Salma Hayek treatment I will pass lol...


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Cerberus30000 said:
Salma Hayek front, back and inside, oh and pics of her on the steelbook too please :D

Is that Salma Hayek's front or Salma Hayek on the front? ;)


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WDW MrWomble said:
Combo of both? Her front on the front, her back on the back

I'd buy that for a dollar.


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I've gotta be honest, I've got my 15 year old head on right now too (and I'm 34)!


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They must have it wrong - Hayek on the back right? It makes sense to have it there, and the back on the front!

Oh well I'll still buy it, was gonna buy the titty twister edition but cancelled, wish I hadn't.

Gooble Gobble

Well-known Member
Awful front. Thankfully, got the gorgeous edition from France, one of my favourite steelbooks.


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I was close to buying the CA copy of this but think ill go zavvi. The art would still be nice front back or whatever it will Look great, another one to add to the list. :)


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Did HDN really get to choose?

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