From Basement to Home Theater, Bar and Game room! (Progress pics)



My basement remodel has been completed! I've posted my progress pictures HERE .

Although I'm from the US, I have found your forums very helpful, and I hope you don't mind the intrusion!



Oh to have that amount of space to work with....

Nice work :thumbsup:


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Hey tcrandal, FANTASTIC !!!!!!!
I've put your site as a favourite and will be using it for reference when I begin my garage conversion in the summer. Some truly brilliant work.


Thanks for all your comments! It's nice to have completed, but now I just need to complete all of the automation down there to match the rest of the house.

John- The three TV's serve a few purposes...

1). Watch multiple US football games (no, not REAL football, I have to remember where I'm posting!).
2). While using middle big screen TV to surf through my HTPC or playing Xbox, I can watch TV on one of the other TVs.
3). I have cameras around the perimeter of my house, when motion is detected outside, the right TV will power on (if off), and turn the channel to the modulated feed of the camera nearest the motion. Likewise, if someone rings the doorbell, it will pop up with the porch camera on the screen.
4). <future idea> HTPC will feed all TV's and will be configured for multiple screens. The side TVs can play a movie intro or such. Just starting to think about it.
5). Stock tickers muted, news muted while I watch something on the main screen.

But, I think the true reason, is I probably went overboard. :D

Thanks again!


Now only if i would have had that much space :rolleyes:

But, I think the true reason, is I probably went overboard.

Nothing wrong with that.

Looks very good though.


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Looks amazing.

One thing I can't work out is how do you heat the room? There aren't any radiators and I can't identify any baseboard heaters. Does the gas fireplace put out enough heat for the entire basement?


Drbob- Thanks! The basement has ceiling diffusers, but I usually keep them closed as the fireplace heats everything up in about 5 minutes! It's non-vented, but I still didn't realize it would be able to heat the whole area! I'm not sure if the pics have them shown anywhere, but there are two cold air returns as well.


tcrandal, that is a very nice room you have set up there. It has just the right mood and plenty of other uses.

How long did it take you and, if you don't mind, what were the approximate costs of such a project?

I plan on converting my bedroom into a mutated bedroom-come-cinema with a nice mood similiar to yours, although it'll probably feel alot colder as I'll be using white and off-white colours.




It took about 4 months on and off with our contractors. The cost is such a variable in different locations, it probably won't help, but not including the furnishings and electronics, the total cost was under 45k. That includes even the bilco door installation and the custom wood work (bar, entertainment center, cabinets, stairs, etc).

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