from b&W to what speakers???/


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hi just sold my cdm1nts and now need some speakers to replace them with.

i have always had the feeling the cdms shine with accoustic music desent cds ,but revealed the shortcommings of older cds, or not so good recordings hence only played cds that sounded better rather than what i wished to play

now need to consider replacements but not sure what to consider , do not want to loose out to much on quality ,but want something slightly more forgivng than cdms , but not got the space for larger width units am considering standmounts have approx £400 to spend,

ive tried differant integrateds/powers with cdms but still found the same problem

using with arcam cd73t 3802 thanks all


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Mission 780SE's or Dynaudio Audience 42's? Both on the warmer side of neutral IMO, may be too your liking?

Can't help feeling that your B&W's got a bum rap on the end of a Denon 3802 (?) tho'. :(


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nobber your proberbly right did try arcam a85 and unico hybrid though ,the 3802 sounds flat even with the 600s3 ive just using as temp front pair ,taking into account there a smaller speaker thanks


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I'd have to agree with Nobber's views re the 3802.....the whole B&W range,and especially the Nautilus speakers,present quite a difficult load in terms of low impedance at low frequencies,and thus high current demand.
A less demanding load is undoubtedly going to stress your amp a lot less,but the Denon isn't the most dynamic sounding amp.
You may find some of the Missions fit your price range and are quite pleasant sounding,and easy to drive, as are the KEF's in your price range.


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you can probably tell by my sig contents my recommendation. . . Dynaudio Audience 42. . .be aware they are rear ported though so need to be at least 30 cm from wall. . .and they can punch well above their weight. I had the CDM SE series before these and have no complaints so far.



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digger i believe there is a front ported floorstander in the da range ,this is from memory when i asked a dealer but i thought da were 6ohms load or something , none stocks da speakers locally.

i have not heard the mission 782 se but if i am not mistaken this has three drivers a larger bass driver in on the bottom side of speaker enclosure wondered if this might be ott in a smallish room. have heard the mission m50 51 (£300) standmount with 3802 and arcam a85 but was not overly impressed thank you


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hi all just had a chat with a dealer re dynaudio the model i was thinking of was the dynaudio 62 floorstander, rather than the standmount vertion.

dealer has ex dem pair of dynaudio 62 for £500 not sure if thats reasonable or not pricewise.

would i benifit more from the floorstander vertion 62 rather than say 42/52 standmount as regards sound quality for those who have heard both vertions

thank you


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Originally posted by Mark Pitchford
I thought the Audience 42's were front-ported? At least that's what it says on their website.

Audience 42c and 42W are front-ported, 42's are rear and require some space to get going.

Mick, watch those 62's, they are power-hungry buggers and will make your Denon struggle. Pity, they are great in a biggish room with space to breathe and £500 is good value too.


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thanks all
common to go the active route with say tb2 i can see your point but brystons are possible a bit overbudget.

localish dealer has the pmc and da range ,but suggested i try a "better " av amp then 3802 sterio wise such as arcam avr200 or the cyrus one ?? and not bother about the 7 channel vs 5

i think my safest bet would be to dem say da 62 ,pmc tb2s and compare against the latest bw 700 replacement for the cdm1nts at least to give me an idea how they sound/compare,

try a shops in store denon say 2803?? with above as that will be somewhat on par with 3802 2 channal abilities , (havent got transport to lug 3802 to shop) and then swop over denon to differant av or integrated and see how that shapes up.

getting into bryston /extra cyrus smartpowers and so forth might prove a bit too expensive , i have heard the arcam avr200+cdm7nts+dvd88 and that seemed ok

if you can see any pitfulls in my "logic" feel free to give views

thank you

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