from 32" to 37" Samsung


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Thought I knew a fair amount about this stuff but heres the problem:

Replaced Le32R51BDX With Le37M87BDX (p7 latest firmware)

now the tv does everything it says including 24hz from PS3 blue ray! But......... the picture is truly awful I cannot believe it. It is like sometihng has not told it its a hdtv! A benchmark on my old one was the torchwood trailer on BBC hd but that is not a patch on what my old tv use to show, its grainy blurry awful!

Now I haven't set anything yet not anything so perhaps there is an option in the menu to sort the tv resolution? Is there? also i know picture settings need tweaking but frankly did that on my last set and it didn't do much so certainly not the answer to this poor picture!

gutted supposed to be 1080p
supposed to be step up from last tv regardless of size
help anyone!

Am I missing something?



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Yea u are missing something, u have a DUFF tv. Send it back quickly. All the other users rate is VERy highly


Try adjusting the settings anyway as they nearly always no way near what they should be. They are setup for bright showrooms to get punters spend their money. The different environment will affect what settings are required.

Also, the scaling is lot more as it will be scaling SD quality to 1080 and doubling the resolution.


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I have the 37" M87, and it's a great TV.

It did take a lot of setting up before Sky (through RGB) looked decent, but now I've settled on some settings that I like, I'm really happy with it.

You really should be getting the benefits of 1080p and the larger screen size without any negative effects, especially if the stuff you're watching is BBC HD stuff (1080i?).

I'd suggest there is something wrong with the set, or that you've not set it up correctly.

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