Fridge switching off and on?


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I have a 3 year old Beko Larder fridge (model TLS481NS) well cared for, clean coils, plenty space etc. No freezer on it.

It’s was keeping its temperature fine but past few weeks it keeps switching off and not cooling. The light stays on.
This is becoming more frequent now too, about every 24 hours.

If I unplug it for a few hours it sparks back up. You can hear the condenser (I think) start up and it gets to the right temperature fine until next time. There is no click from the temperature control.
No clicking or shuddering from the back if you turn it off. When it comes on, I put up to high, it gets to its temp then it switches off so the temperature drops drastically into the red on the thermometer. I think putting ice packs in encourages it to come back on.
I do feel it’s a little noisier and working more than normal.

I know nothing about fridges except open door, remove wine & repeat as necessary. I’ve only just found out the name of the lumpy black thing at the back (I’m so proud of myself now!) and because of needing to self isolate just now, we can’t get a repair. I’ve been trying to google but I can’t even work out if it has a fan in it as most help sites mention a freezer combined.

Im wondered if anyone can recommend any other checks to try so I can possibly repair it myself please?
I know which way up a screwdriver goes (stick it with the pointy end) but I don’t have an altimeter.
Any advice would be great thanks. I’m so mean and tight fisted that a repair would be better than chucking it out.
Many thanks.


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Sounds like the compressor or thermostat is faulty. Some fridges use a simple mechanical thermostat and others an electronic one. If it's the compressor it's not worth fixing, as it would need re-gassing and that's not really possible on newer fridges.

I'm not sure the pointy end of a screwdriver and a multimeter is going to help you out much here...

Maybe have another glass of wine before it warms up too much and either consider a new fridge or at least getting someone around to test the thermostat :)

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