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Hi, rather a strange problem here.

I have just installed a 22in LCD TV (Tesco Technika 22-880) in my son's bedroom. Everything is fine except that there is no sound on the analogue TV channels but the Freeview ones are fine. This is causing a problem because I have the SKY RF signal passing round the house and so I can see the Sky picture fine but there is no sound.

I have spoken to Tesco's technical line and was told that as this is a newer generation of TV it doesn't have an analogue tuner in it and is only digital. No this sounded a bit suspect to me because I can pick up the analogue picture fine.

So, I just wondered what anyone on here thought about this. Does their explanation sound plausible or was I being fobbed off. Basically they are saying that as the TV is not faulty and is working to spec they cannot exchange it as faulty.

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If you can see the picture it must have an analogue tuner. The tuner is most likely not set to work with PAL I. Different variations of PAL use a different frequency for the sound carrier. Check the menus for either a UK set up option or a menu to change to PAL I (Most likely PAL B/G is selected).


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Thanks for that, you were absolutely spot on.

I tried the argument with the lady on the phone that as I was receiving an analogue picture then the TV had an analogue tuner. However she just started talking absolute nonsense and I don't like arguing with someone until I'm confident I know I'm in the right.

Anyway, thanks for you quick help.

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