Frequent Audio Drop Outs on Samsung Frame (2021)


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Greetings Everyone,

I have a new 50" Samsung Frame (2021) hooked up directly via HDMI to my second-generation 4K Apple TV. I do not have any speakers, receivers, or Bluetooth connections to the TV.

My problem is that since receiving the new TV about a week ago, the audio is cutting out at random and staying off. For instance, I'll start a Netflix show, the Red Netflix logo comes up and I'll hear the "ka-thump" of their logo sound, and then the show will start with no audio. Turning the volume up to max doesn't do anything.

Sometimes stopping the program and resuming will get the audio to come back, but sometimes not. Sometimes force closing the app on the TV will get the audio to come back, but sometimes not. While it's most common when shows start (in HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime), it also sometimes happens in the middle of a show.

I've updated the TV to the newest firmware and the Apple TV is fully up to date. I've swapped out to a different brand HDMI cable with no change.

I posted a thread like this on Reddit and had 2-3 or people chime in with "Me too! Let me know what you find out.", but so far none of the suggestions have helped.

Lastly, I've searched quite extensively, but I'm not spotting a Frame TV (2021) owner's thread. Has anyone seen one?

Best to you all.

Jack O Lantern

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I have the same problem on 55-inch QN TV. I thought it was the Apple TV 4K at first. I am also trying to find a solution.


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I'm still struggling with this. Just for reference, here are the other discussions I've found with other QLED/Frame users. No one seems to have an answer.

Let me know if you find anything else!


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Hi gang,
First ordered (SamQN90a)from AMAZON open box
1. BOX reads QN90DAA?? Looked UP can’t find that EXACT Model anywhere
2. Audio drops out randomly
3.Checked many forum as far as calibration & followed advice
4.Regular cable looks awesome . Movies on Netflix HBO Amazon HULU 4K R ALL really DARK in dark scenes and overall just seem on the dark side have tried numerous setting and reboots No updates available
Thinking of return 4 LGC1 Tho very comfortable with SAMSUNG ease & quality in the past
Any input would b appreciated
THX everyone & good luck 2 all of u TVHEADS

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